September 28, 2023

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf Moral Audio Story Mp3 Pdf Learn English

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Listen, Read great short inspiring stories for Children, Youngs and Adults. Best Short Motivational Stories Book by Aesop with Valuable Lessons for Kids to Enjoy as Audiobook for Success Mindset. Watch and listen to short stories in English to improve your vocabulary and speaking skills. Man Voice and Woman Pronunciation, Accent.

Once, there was a boy who became bored when he watched over the village sheep grazing on the hillside. To entertain himself, he sang out, “Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!”

When the villagers heard the cry, they came running up the hill to drive the wolf away. But, when they arrived, they saw no wolf. The boy was amused when seeing their angry faces. “Don’t scream wolf, boy,” warned the villagers, “when there is no wolf!” They angrily went back down the hill.

A few days later, the shepherd boy cried out again, “Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!”
To his amusement, he looked on as the villagers came running up the hill to scare the wolf away. As they saw there was no wolf, they said angrily , “Save your frightened cry for when there really is a wolf! Don’t cry ‘wolf’ when there is no wolf!” But the boy grinned at their words while they walked grumbling down the hill once more.

The day after, the boy saw a real wolf sneaking around his flock. Alarmed, he jumped on his feet and cried out as loud as he could, “Wolf! Wolf!” But this time the villagers thought he was fooling them again, and so they didn’t come to help. At sunset, the villagers went looking for the boy who hadn’t returned with their sheep. When they went up the hill, they found him weeping. “There really was a wolf here! The flock is gone! I cried out, ‘Wolf!’ but you didn’t come,” he wailed.

An old man went to comfort the boy. As he put his arm around him, he said, “Nobody believes a person who tells lies, even when he is telling the truth!”

Moral, Possible Lessons and Wisdom Gems.

Lying on a consistent basis breaks trust.
After that even if you’re telling the truth, no one believes a liar.

Questions for Reflection:

What else could we learn from this story?
Have you done something similar?
Do you know someone who behaves like that boy?
Who do you know that might find this story useful?

Follow the Audio Pronunciation of the Story by Reading the Text. Useful as Audiobooks to Study how to pronounce Words in English, Form Sentences, Learn new English Words, Verbs, Phrases. Build grammar and vocabulary. Practice & Test your English Skills. Reading short stories in English is a great way to improve your language level.

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