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Cybernetic mechanisms like think missile guidance have a goal, sensing equipment, a propulsion system, a correcting device, and memory. Maxwell Maltz asserts that our subconscious operates like our own cybernetic mechanism, hence the name psycho cybernetics. Maxwell Maltz 15 Life Changing Audio Quotes Sayings for you to Enjoy, Read, Listen as Audiobook, Motivate, Share. Thought-Provoking Ideas better than Pictures/Photos, Memorable Thoughts Inspiration from Maxwell Maltz author of Books as: Psycho‑Cybernetics, Zero Resistance Selling, Creative Living for Today, Thoughts to Live by. Audio Mp3 Quotations / Citations and Personal Development, Self Help. Man Voice β™‚ + Woman ♀ Pronunciation and Accent.

β€œ It is common knowledge among psychologists that most of us underrate ourselves, short-change ourselves, sell ourselves short. Actually, there is no such thing as a superiority complex. People who seem to have one are actually suffering from feelings of inferiority; their β€œsuperior” self is a fiction, a coverup, to hide from themselves and others their deep-down feelings of inferiority and insecurity. ” – Maxwell Maltz

β€œ Do not tolerate for a minute the idea that you are prohibited from any achievement by the absence of in-born talent or ability. This is a lie of the grandest order, an excuse of the saddest kind. ” – Maxwell Maltz

β€œ If you intend to insist on justice in order to live a successful and happy life, you will not do so in this lifetime, on this planet. ” – Maxwell Maltz

β€œ The lucky of successful person has learned a simple secret. Call up, capture, evoke the feeling of success. When you feel successful and confident, you will act successfully. ” – Maxwell Maltz

β€œ I have found that one of the commonest causes of unhappiness among my patients is that they are attempting to live their lives on the deferred payment plan. They do not live, or enjoy life now, but wait for some future event or occurrence. They will be happy when they get married, when they get a better job, when they get the house paid for, when they get the children through college, when they have completed some task or won some victory. Invariably, they are disappointed. ” – Maxwell Maltz

β€œ The clay or putty-like material stays soft and malleable enough to do so many, many times. In his infinite wisdom, God manufactured the self-image of similar material, so it remains malleable throughout our entire lives. No one is ever too old, too jaded, too frightened, or too traumatized to β€œwet the clay” and begin remaking it as they imagine and desire. ” – Maxwell Maltz

β€œ You act, and feel, not according to what things are really like, but according to the image your mind holds of what they are like. You have certain mental images of yourself, your world, and the people around you, and you behave as though these images were the truth, the reality, rather than the things they represent. ” – Maxwell Maltz

β€œ Stand up to crises. Don’t let them throw you! Fight to stay calm… even surmount the crisis completely and turn it into an opportunity. Refuse to renounce your self-image. No matter what happens, you must keep your good opinion of yourself. No matter what happens, you must hold your past successes in your imagination, ready for showing in the motion picture screen of your mind. No matter what happens, no matter what you lose, no matter what failures you must endure, you must keep faith in yourself. Then you can stand up to crises, with calm and courage, refusing to buckle; then you will not fall through the floor. You will be able to support yourself. ” – Maxwell Maltz

β€œ The β€œSuccess-type” personality is composed of: 1. Sense of direction; 2. Understanding; 3. Courage; 4. Charity; 5. Esteem; 6. Self-Confidence; 7. Self-Acceptance. ” – Maxwell Maltz

β€œ Resentment is a mental resistance to, a non-acceptance of, something which has already happened. an emotional rehashing, or re-fighting of some event in the past. You cannot win, because you are attempting to do the impossible–change the past. ” – Maxwell Maltz

β€œ For real self-esteem is not derived from the great things you’ve done, the things you won, the mark you’ve made, but from an appreciation of yourself for what you are. ” – Maxwell Maltz

β€œ Resentment is also a way of making us feel important. Many people get a perverse satisfaction from feeling “wronged.” The victim of injustice, the one who has been unfairly treated, is morally superior to those who caused the injustice. ” – Maxwell Maltz

β€œ Failure-type personalities also have recognizable symptoms: Frustration, Aggressiveness, Insecurity, Loneliness, Uncertainty, Resentment, Emptiness. Once it is recognized, the failures are utilized as negative feedback to guide you to your correct course. ” – Maxwell Maltz

β€œ The ‘self-image’ is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self image and you change the personality and the behavior. ” – Maxwell Maltz

β€œ We are built to conquer environment, solve problems, achieve goals, and we find no real satisfaction or happiness in life without obstacles to conquer and goals to achieve. ” – Maxwell Maltz

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